Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I did it (finally). After years of being a 'jogger' I finally ran a race: a half marathon. My goal was to run the entire way and finish the race and I did. (It matters little that at about mile 10, it was no longer a pretty sight, and let it be known that I finished just in front of a white-haired woman probably in her sixties). At any rate, thank you Jesus for legs that run. Thank you that this sickness did not end in death, and here I am, nearly six months to the day later, running a half marathon.

Annndd, let it be known that about mile 12.4, I see Laura (mom) on the other side of the street, yelling, "Use the force, Jennie! Use the force!!" She then proceeds to run across the street and run behind me the rest of the way. haha...oh Laura. I've also decided that the people who came out, brought chairs and signs just to cheer are maybe some of my favorite people. I'm going to do that sometime. It was the sweetest display of selfless encouragement. (Thanks, Mom.)

However, I am sore and think people that run full marathons are nut jobs.