Friday, November 7, 2008


i am: weird with a side of normal.
i fear: microwaves.
i hate: bad grammar.
i love: my family.
i dream: most nights.
i ache: still when I think about Josh.
i wish: I had any sort of a sense of direction.
i want: a nice camera. (Or something more profound... like "world peace"?)
i smell: things before I eat them.
i hear: the harmony over the melody.
i crave: chocolate chip cookies.....nearly at all times.
i desire: to make Him proud.
i can't: cook like my mom. It's so annoying.
i dance: at weddings.
i sing: for my King.
i listen: to music as much as humanly possible.
i need: laughter.
i lose: my friggin keys.
i think: too much.
i feel: like my current job makes me want to gouge out my own eyeballs it's so dull.
i watch: my little sister. She's trouble, I tell you.
i miss: my brothers.
i write: sarcastically.
i can usually be found: thinking too much.
i believe: He has called me lily.
i never: talk in the morning if i can help it.
i care: for the little ones.
i wonder: what the h I'm doing with my life.
i regret: eating Candy Corn. It ALWAYS makes me sick.
i am scared: of heights.
i like: my bed, "la marshamellow"
i know: that He is good.


anne said...

i like: you.
i fear: i'll never see you again.

katie t said...

oh i like this one and "i" will do it :)

i just read your whole blog tonight and i'm sorry for the void that you've felt in your life. obviously i don't know all of the details but i do know enough to see, to read how hard it's been...

so i'm sorry....