Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sometimes when i feel a bit down...

I close my eyes and ask for His presence.

And usually, it feels like He puts His arm around me,
presses His cheek against mine, and says,
"It's ok, Lovey."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

happy birthday FRED

(a few days late...)

I definitely want to take this post to honor one of my favorite senior citizens...
(And SC status is confirmed directly from Kroger. Kroger never lies.)

My top 5 favorite moments with F.L.H.

5. When I came over a few days before I moved in to the Hennighausen house, I knocked politely at the back door. Fred (and Mary!), however, merely cracked the door wide enough so I could see the huge grins on their faces and said,
Door shuts.
I laughed, then knocked louder, thinking my polite little knock wasn't sufficient to get their attention.
Door cracks. Smiling faces.
Door shuts.
A light bulb finally goes off, and this time, without knocking, I walk straight in to find Fred and Mary standing ready with a hug and a

They were teaching me how to come into the house (no knocking allowed).

I felt so welcomed.


4. When I found myself virtually jobless (again), I was standing in the kitchen telling FLH my news, near tears, and feeling very sorry for myself, and he simply responded,

"Wow. What a good heavenly Father who knew in advance this was going to happen and provided you this home as a safe place to land. What an adventure you are on."

I felt so inspired/humbled/grateful.


3. One word: "Combo-ing"

I felt so thankful.


2. When I came back to my little Rose Cottage to find a tiny little mini-flosser wedged into a tiny little nail hole at eye-level near my door.
(RUDE! And, warning: It will find you.)
It was a tiny little way to give a nod to hilarious inside jokes about people's idiosyncrasies.
I love that FLH can celebrate people with humor and respect.

I felt so light-hearted.


1. Not that there can be any one favorite thing about knowing FLH and having his influence in my life, but I am so grateful for how he listens so unselfishly, so intentionally.

Whether it's in a "FredSheet" budget meeting

or talking over things about boys,

or talking about life in the fast lane in the business world,

or talking about my Substitute-of-The-Year award

He listens in a way that makes you SWEAR he is interested in every word you say.

I always leave conversations feeling




"As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."