Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Friend to Me

So, because Friend knows me inside/outside/over/under in a way that mostly borderlines the "abnormal or supernatural" side of things, she is the BEST at giving gifts. Previously, they've been cutesy/artsey things that Martha Stewart's prison dreams could never match, but this year she's used her 'seeing eye' into my heart and got me a year's subscription to Cooking Light!!

Woot! Maybe she knew because I drool over the copies she has at her house, but nevertheless, I ... LOVE...IT. I just got my first installment a few weeks ago, and the pages are earmarked like crazy and it already has a place of honor next to my bed (just a reach away from the bib-al of course). I have already committed to allowing the stack to continue to climb as the issues keep coming. Hoarding though it may seem, good recipes at the ready is no laughing matter.

Thanks, Friend, for doing what you do best: Being so you ...and so me at the same friggin time.
My tummy thanks you.


anne said...

eieieieeee yay. i am so happy. it's the least i could do to pay you back for those nights you lovingly cooked for two. come cook for two and let me be one of them.

love you!

katie t said...

i love it1 i wish that i could cook or i wish that i could calm down and find the patience to actually learn.... day. maybe one day ;)

Coco said...

ummmmm helllo!!!!! so happy to find u!