Monday, March 15, 2010

notes on LOST, life

Eek. Ok, so Richard got a "gift" when Jacob touched him. (Woot. See LOST post earlier.) Either this gift was eternal life, or life unharmed until the island is safe, or until there's a suitable candidate selected. Either way...interesting. I also think that though smoke-monster-as-Locke said dismissively that Jacob "just had a thing with numbers," the infamous number sequence has something to do with the candidates' age when Jacob touched them. OR, it has to do with the number of times they get the offer to be a candidate? Hmm. However, the fact that smoke-monster-Locke regarded it as so unimportant tells me it is probably vital to some element of Jacob's role.

Also, of note:

1. There were two *noticeable* close ups of fairly bland shots (a) Ben looking at the principal's name plate and (b) wait, i forget it at the moment...that usually mean they have some sort of significance to the plot later on. I'm going to watch for those....

2. They said there were "6 candidates left." Sooo, the six are? Hurley, Kate, Jack, Sawyer?, Sun, Jin. Iffy list...considering Sawyer may have already defected the other side. However, maybe "Sun and Jin" are considered one...leaving room for Ben. **ALSO NOTE: This episode was my favorite of the season. I was so worried they were just going to kill Ben off as a common prisoner. But that twist was so unexpected and redeeming: "I'll have you." Bless. I could cry now. HA.

3. A few episodes back there was a kid running through the jungle when Sawyer was following Locke. Was this supposed to be Jacob? And why the HECK were his wrists slit? Scccarrrry.

4. Finally, Elba. Ben writing it on the board in huge capital letters may have been a little too blatant on the part of the writers for it to actually hold value, BUT, Locke has been repeating his mantra of his desire to just get off the island...but not having any power? Interesssssting.

General thoughts on life:

If you are over the age of 10, leggings are NOT a a suitable substitute for pants.


christie and kyle said...

ok, so i don't watch "lost" so i don't know much about that, BUT...i could not agree more on the leggings thing. ick.

The Sudan Fam said...

geeez, you are a super deep thinker when it comes to lost. i just want the show to be over so i can go on with my life. haha...what i wanna know though is if freaking sayid really evil now?!?! im depressed if he is...

katie t said...

alllll good ideas!!!