Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life with Frary (Fred & Mary)

The following is a top 17 list of things I love about living at 6918:

17. Mrs. Hennig's reaction to anything exciting/surprising. I want to fall on the floor laughing at how great it is to watch/experience.
16. Mr. Hennig's secret chocolate stash that allows a constant/steady flow of chocolate things into my mouth.
15. Christmas music playing in March.
14. Late night hours of YouTube and SNL highlights ("Sorry").
13. Endless supplies of it-will-make-your-car-run coffee.
12. A continual track of AEH via two additional very-informed sources as well as daily viewing of a digital picture frame that has pictures of aforementioned person's travels that I've NEVER SEEN BEFORE.
11. Being a Dave Ramsey convert.
10. The lovely walkway to the main house that now has potted plants and a fountain. *Yes, a fountain thanks to Father Fred.
9. The fact that Mother Mary and I have the exact same schedule: School, Work, Eat, Bake, Study, Repeat. And also that we buy the same random off-brand stuff from the grocery store. Kroger brand instant oats, anyone?
8. The inevitable recording of Mother Mary signing the lyrics of a Michael Jackson song. Complete with dance moves.
7. The convenience of having the answer I REALLY want from one of the two parties in the house.
6. Becoming a night owl.
5. A guaranteed hug when met by either parent at any time of day.
4. In-house handyman.
3. MH's various and sundry accents that surface at random occurrences.
2. New recipes and cooking for three.
1. Being praised continually for being such a wonderful person (ie: emptying the dishwasher).

Thank you Jesus for Mr. and Mrs. Hennig.
What a gift.


anne said...

HAHAHAHa OH my goodness I love this so much. It make me miss them 5x more. hahahahaha. I have a vivid & colorful mind-picture of each of these things happening. (especially delightful was Mary signing a michael jackson song - she's combining all her loves!)

It's true, Daddy (as you should always call him) will always have chocolate treats and will always make coffee that will put hair on your chest. MMMMMM!!!!!

kristian and katy said...

Wait! I didn't know about Daddy's secret stash!!! Where is it?? Grrr.

so glad you are enjoying life there. we are all jealous, but they are LOVING it!!