Friday, January 1, 2010

so this is the new year

The year in pictures....

I turned 25. Yikes.

Visited Perfect-ville. I mean, Pella, IA in a trip back in time.

Grand Canyon-ing with the sister.

Tried (and mostly failed) to learn to surf in San Diego.

Moved to Dallas.

Of note for 2009: I actually drove across America. Drove. Across. From North Carolina to San Diego. So. That's interesting I guess. My favorite view had to have been the Grand Canyon. So weird. It is essentially just a big hole in the ground, but it manages to be breath-taking.

The trip across the good U.S. of A did, however, also involve a lot of this:

And now for resolutionssssss. Well, in reality, for me, they only last a good six months. See here.

Scratch that, I'm still "pretty" good about Diet Cokes (the possible source of brain shrinking). I only have them a couple of times a week. Which isn't as good as my resolution (no diet cokes whatsoever), but is a step up from 2008 (a diet coke every day), and a step in between the slacking off of 2009's resolution (diet cokes only on the weekends). All that nonsense just to say: I'm average about resolutions.

But I actually failed miserably at using 2009 to read the Bible from cover to cover. And flossing. Oops. Well, maybe not entirely true, after my multi-hundred dollar visit to the dentist (*** me giving the bird to powers behind the lack of health/dental insurance in my life ***) , I got to flossing again. And someone else is going to have to tell me how I fared about the speaking more kindly resolution. Although, I know I have NOT been speaking kindly to Dallas drivers on I-75 (jerks).

I can definitely say I have been painfully and brutally honest in general about my life/feelings. Annnnnnnnnnnnd there is more than one person out there that can testify to that.

However! 2010 is a new year, and not just a new year that is starting to sound space-agey. It is a new year for ideals that are mostly ignored entirely by mid-February.

And my resolutes are:

Hmm....Well, I need to give this some thought. After all, if I'm going to change something entirely about my life for 2010 ("2010" said in creepy, spacey-echo effect), I'm going to have to give it more than 2.4 seconds of thought.

I'll keep you posted, world.

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CaseyWiegand said...

you are the cutest, cant wait to see you tomorrow!!!! xoxoxoxoxo