Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Nita, you've been so encouraging about my old Europe pics, so I'm posting a few more for you!

(Sigh. Traveling is something that is so dear to my heart and I'm not sure why.)
Also, resolution update: Still not a single diet coke!! WOOT!

Cinque Terre, ItalyI love this picture because I caught this little munkin while he was crying about something -- and subsequently being consoled by a lolli pop.
Church in Brugge.
Hah....this picture is just from a door in Germany. I just think the language looks like art itself!
Paris, France.
Edinburough, Scotland.
Edinborough, Scotland. I remember this man and I chatted a bit. He was very opinionated about the fact that we "should excersize more." (Reasons he like ran up Sir Arthur's seat....) I was impressed.
Gotti, i think.

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anne said...

Love it!!!!! Aaaaah I love your Europe pictures. Let it be known that I still have a folder on my computer that's called, "jennie's in europe" where I saved all the pics you emailed out. Yes, I am a good friend.

P.s. I was jealous of your healthiness until I sucked the last bit of my Diet Coke dry. Yummy.