Thursday, January 8, 2009


Some of my favorite Indo pics.
At the slum in Tanaban.
This was a game kinda like rock-paper-scissors that we played with the kids in Tanaban. I LOVE Bayu's expression in this picture as he's very aptly acting out a gorilla. Haha.

Ha. This one is maybe my FAVORITE of Ryan. So classic

Hearyee, hearyee! This is the infamous Rice Pyramid, a traditional Indonesian meal at holidays and birthdays. Seriously. All that yellow is rice. Also, please note that the makshift "flags" on the side are actually hot peppers. Owie.

Haha ok. I was in the supermarket getting massive amounts of milk for the slum the next day, and as I was on knees counting out the cartons, this little thing came up and stood between me and the shelves. She just STARED. I imagine she had never seen a bule (a white person) up close...much less one that is as fair as I am. Her mouth is agape in shock.

Neighborhood boys.


anne said...

oh my goodness i love these pictures!! i've never seen them! that little girl staring at you in the grocery store is amaaazing. haha adorable.

i also LOOOVE that yellow rice. i could eat that whole cone of it right now.

you are a great photographer.

Mona said...
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