Monday, October 20, 2008

i make jokes

After careful consideration, I've realized that my blog is melodramatic and kinda boring. So, to liven things up: OLD EUROPE PICTURES.
Enjoy. More to come when I find some more good ones.

This is Megan and I after our first successful Eurorail trip. Amsterdam
The four of us in Prague.
Hahah..This picture. Oh dear. In summation, Mel and I traded in our couchette tickets for a cheaper, more-stupid option. Result? 7 hours in a PAINFUL seat with 6 other flatulent and generally disagreeable passengers where I slept in 45-minute intervals with intermittent periods of wishing I weren't alive. This is me getting off the train at home.
Me doing what I do best. Sleep-ing.
Yes, I'm going to eat it. I mean, we are in Germany. That's where you eat sausage and sour kraut, right?

The Dance of the Catalan. Spain.

Punching pigeons. Duh. Italy.

Thank you Lord for French crepes. (And for the Frenchman who bought it for me).
The Louvre, Paris.


Cars. Stoplight. Castle. Scotland.


anne said...
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anne said...

i'm hungry. get me one of those crepes pronto