Tuesday, October 21, 2008

favorite things

So, in this "not being boring" new phase of my blog, I've decided to post some of my favorite things. And so, as I dig deep and figure out what "is Jennie"...I of course came up with these things;

My Asics running shoes. Woot! I'm taking Friend's challenge (to herself) and am starting to 'train' for a half marathon....7 miles last saturday. This weekend 9. We. Shall. See.
Uh. My iPod. I would have to say that it is my favorite earthly possession. Hah..no joke. My brothers gave it to me the Christmas before I studied abroad and I LOVE IT. I love that the back of it says "MeJennie" (Their nickname for me) and "Psalm 139."
FALL. I LOVE IT. The end.
Diet Coke. Haha... Oh Lord, please don't let my brain shrivel up when i'm 90 b/c of the weird affects of aspartame. Fountain diet coke would have to be my favorite, i could drink it any time, day or night. But, Diet Coke Lime is a recent new love...not as standard as regular DC, but still delic.

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katie t said...

hi! drop by my place anytime!!!

i read alot of your posts last night before the "new look" and i have to say thanks.
thanks for your ways of looking at things. for recognizing your blessings. for recognizing your strengths, flaws, and weaknesses. thanks.....really!

you have alot of faith and i am very impressed. i use to think that "faith" was something that you just got. and no...it is something that you obtain through constant work and it is something that you always have to work on or you will lose it.

i've lost a bit of mine so thanks for your example!

ps love all of the photos and YOU R BEAUTIFUL!!! good luck with the marathon. you probably read that i just did one and it was quite the event. it's mentally and physically healing...does that make sense?