Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bleach and the Day of Love

Valentine's Day.

Jordan came to pick me up after a few hours of being on my hands and knees cleaning toilets, baseboards, and sinks for the little house cleaning business I have. On my walk home, Jordan intercepts me with my car.

I open the door to him holding (in his bare hands) two chocolate-dipped strawberries in one hand, and a single flower in the seat.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" he exclaims. He's delighted.
I laugh and get in the car. The smell of bleach and PineSol and lots of other weird things fill the car immediately (I'm feeling very grubby....)

"I cleaned your car, and...." he points directly to the gas tank indicator on my dash (because he knows I'm not observant enough to take notice of the now-full tank).


He cleaned my car. Filled my gas tank. Brought me a flower and some chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Does the boy know me or WHAT? Ha. I mean, what else could a girl POSSIBLY want?