Friday, April 30, 2010

my beloved Friend

In celebration of my dearest, most wonderful,
hilarious, kind, adventurous, precious


on her 25th birthday,
I am writing a "Top 10 Moments with AEH" post.

10. Sitting across from AEH and FH at Bush's Chicken in Waco after she had moved in to the apt and declaring to FH,
"We're practically the same person."
And then spending the next lovely years figuring out how much of a reality that was.

9. Coming home from Europe at 1 AM jet lagged and exhausted, and STILL finding myself staying up until 4 AM with AEH baking and catching up and pondering why we decided to spend that semester apart.

8. Taking Christian Hermeneutics and Racquetball together senior year at Baylor.
She hit me with her racket at least once a class.
And I'm sorry I ever suggested we take the Hermeneutics class.


7. When we first got "real jobs" after college where our only survival tactic was to e-mail back and forth to discuss how bad of a choice that was.
(And then planning our inevitable delay of adulthood via YWAM...)

See subject line and message: (also note misspelled name from corporate. wonk)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bower, Jenny
Date: Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 3:52 PM
Subject: RE: blah blah blahblah wednesdayblah blahblah blah
To: Anne Hennighausen

Hahaha true that.
8 minutes

Jennie Bower

6. YWAM in general.
Beaches. Kona coffee. Confession and repentance. Dried mangos.

5. Whatever point it was that we decided to start calling each other "Friend."
(Capital because it is "THE" friend)

4. Our talk of the joint condo when we are married to our respective husbands....and how the condo will promise to unite us...till we are old and gray...but still fun and like to snorkel.

3. The moment captured below.
Proving the fact that whenever we talk/hang out/mention one another,
there is inevitable laughing with hysteria.
Without. Fail.
She is probably the funniest person I know.

2. Rebukes
(both ways) (but mostly my way)
How we discussed that some girl forebodingly told us we would not leave YWAM as friends, because of hard it is spiritually and emotionally.

because we came away from those months with a deeper, truer, richer relationship with the Lord and with each other based on total honesty, vulnerability and brokenness.

1. How she told me she was going back to YWAM,

leaving the comfort of her home, friends and growing family,
because of the boldness and strength of her relationship with Jesus,
and because she is too adventurous to settle for anything less than

Dear AEH:

"Whatever it is souls are made of,
yours and mine are the same"




anne said...

i'm dying.


you are so so incredible kind and sweet and gracious and loving and beautiful and the most amazing kind of Friend.

Lucky ME!!!!

and i'm calling you NOW.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

anne said...

i just read this again. bahahahaha (that's the crying kind, not the laughing kind)

i just LOVE you. love love lvoelvekj l;kjfl;kads ;kdfjksdjfl LOVE.